Venetian Blinds - A Proven Concept

Whenever homeowners want to get new blinds, the first type of blinds that they think about are venetian blinds. Venetian blinds in Canberra are tremendously popular. They are used in hundreds of thousands of houses throughout Australia, and they are generally the first choice for those who are thinking of switching out their curtains and drapes with modern blinds. At Peter Wilson Installations, we offer plenty of different kinds of blinds, ranging from venetian blinds to roman, vertical and roller blinds. Here are just some of the many reasons why so many of our customers love their venetian blinds.

No Maintenance Hassle

We understand that customers want window coverings that are easy to manage and donít require a lot of maintenance. In that case, venetian blinds are the perfect choice. They have been used for years and have become tremendously popular over the past couple of decades just because they donít get dirty or require any sort of maintenance work. Even if the blinds become stained, just take a piece of cloth and wipe it clean. Because they are made from a high-resistance plastic material, you donít really need to worry about maintenance a lot.

Maximum Light Control

Another major reason why so many our clients prefer venetian blinds in Canberra is because they provide maximum light control. If you donít want the harsh Australian sun coming into your house, just draw the blinds all the way down and use the rotating lever to turn the horizontal slats over. You will be able to block out the sun completely using these blinds. We offer complete installation of venetian blinds as well. Just visit our showroom to find out more about the different kinds of blinds that we have on offer and let our experts handle the rest!