Buying Vertical Blinds - What You Need to Know

You may have seen vertical blinds in Canberra in offices and other corporate locations. They give off an executive vibe due to their simple, yet stylish outlook. These blinds also add a unique touch to the room, filtering natural light and keeping out those harsh rays of the sun without darkening the room completely. At Peter Wilson’s Installations, we specialise in selling an extensive range of vertical blinds. We cater to customers all over Canberra, ranging from homeowners to multinational corporations.

Why Are Vertical Blinds So Popular?

One of the biggest reasons why vertical blinds have become so popular as of late is because they look really beautiful. When illuminated by the natural light of the sun, these vertical blinds emanate a dim glow that can enhance the décor and appeal of any room they are placed in. These vertical blinds are also quite versatile: you can use them with smaller windows, or choose larger variants for use with ceiling windows. Perhaps the cherry on top is the fact that these blinds are extremely affordable. There’s not a big difference in pricing, especially when you consider the total costs of venetian or roman blinds.


If you want to buy vertical blinds in Canberra, contact us today. At Peter Wilson’s Installations, we specialise in installing a range of different types of blinds and window coverings. Our experts have lots of experience in customising and installing different kinds of blinds. We will first survey the space where the blinds will be installed and then proceed with the work. With years of experience under our belts, we have built a solid reputation in the industry for selling and installing various kinds of unique blinds. Give us a call today to find out more about what we can do for you.